Adventist Christian Theatre

About Us -  Who we are, what we do and how you can contact us.

A.C.T. is a nationally touring theatre group that began it’s ministry in 1992. We have had the privilege of performing all over North America for audiences of 50 to 50,000.  Combining the power of live theatre with active learning workshops and small group leading, Adventist Christian Theatre is a head, heart and hands-on experience with the gospel.  

A.C.T. is non-denominational and our programs are not specific to any one church’s teachings, but on the sweeping themes of Christianity that unify Christians of all faiths.

We invite you to click around our website here and explore the different resources we offer.  If you are looking for scripts to perform check out our Publications where we have skits, sketches and full-length plays.  If you need some ideas for your own drama or youth ministry surf over to our Workshops section where you’ll find topics on the fundamentals of acting, peer counselling, stage lighting on a budget and more!

Finally, if you are one of our Lifetime Members, check out the Pictures of our Past and Video sections and relive some memories with us.  And don’t forget to let us know you were here!

Union College A.C.T. Team

SNAIL MAIL: Adventist Christian Theatre, 4840 Bancroft Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68506


PHONE: 301-712-7323

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